Accelerate Your Email Performance

Accelerate Your Email Performance

Email continues to deliver a strong return on investment if properly leveraged. Because of this, we specialize in the end-to-end process for your email programs, helping companies to leverage the email channel to it’s maximum potential. 

  • For B2C and DTC, we are lifecycle marketing gurus. We specialize in creating impactful lifecycle programs all while balancing your email blasts.
  • For B2B, we are experts in building effective email programs for Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing.
  • If your company uses email for direct response, we specialize in email performance marketing, building robust optimization plans to put your best email forward.

We are experts in one thing - Email

We’re not your average email agency. We look at email from a program view, incorporating process, technology, and performance into every engagement. Email is a systemic, foundational channel of any effective B2B or B2C marketing strategy – that’s why we develop our programs through that lens.

Our love for well developed lifecycle programs knows no bounds. And what’s even more near and dear to our hearts is building a B2C lifecycle program that incorporates one-off performance-based emails to keep your customer journey intact.

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Email is the intersection between sales and marketing - and a very important place for leads to be nurtured along the buyer's journey. We take Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing to a whole new level.

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Whether you are trying to exhaust the features of your current marketing automation platform, are looking to migrate to a new platform, or need to get started with a platform? We’re quite savvy with all of these scenarios.

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Need an advisor to look at your programs, offer optimizations, and develop a testing protocol?

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How it works?

Want to know what working with our team of email gurus is like? Take a look to learn more.

Case Study

Every email project is very different, but they all share some common ground. What we’ve learned in our many years helping over 50 companies, both B2B and B2C re-engineer their email programs is that the company details aren’t the important part. You customer is the epicenter of it all! And if we can get to your customer on their terms, we’ve got ourselves a success story!

We Call It "From Worst to Best"

In most of our work, we find that most of our clients are just starting out with email or want to leverage it more for growth. However, with this project, this leading member association was exhausting email as an organization – sending over 24 million emails per year.

So what was the problem? The organization had over 8 business units competing for an email spot and this resulted in a single recipient receiving up to 17 emails in a month all with different messages. They needed to find a way to: a) unify the email across the organization by creating a member journey  and b) get their recipients engaged with their email.

Take a look at our 8-month transformation below.

Clients Say

Account-Based Marketing Email Success

Rated 5 out of 5

Email Growth Society is so easy to work with. They really understand email, no matter the company or industry. When we reached out for help, we were desperate to get our Account-Based Marketing program to work. We had been doing ads but the email was not performing. After implementing 5 email programs for several 1:1 and several 1:Few, our open rates doubled, our CTR rates tripled, and we got a 5% response rate which we typically only saw a little over 1%.

Lifecycle Programs that really work

Rated 5 out of 5

When we started working with Email Growth Society, we had one abandoned cart program and were sending a ton of daily emails. There was no process at all. We were struggling to produce our daily emails, never had time for testing, and just couldn’t get a hold of our email channel. Once COVID hit, we had to close some of our store locations and had to pivot to using email – and making it actually work. Amy worked with us to quickly map out a roadmap, clean up our Marketing Cloud instance, and created a process to develop new lifecycle programs while testing and optimizing our performance email. After 3 months, we were in a totally new place.

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Testing Tip of the Month: Increasing Open Rates

Testing Tip of the Month: Increasing Open Rates

This month, the testing tip of the month is all about increasing open rates. As you know, we need to think of our email as a series of micro conversions that are dependent on one another to reach our goal.

Technology Expertise

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CRM Technology + Sales Enablement

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Don’t see your tool? Don’t fret. We’ve gotten good at using all of these tools because a client like you introduced it to us.

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